The congress main thematic fields

Methods, technologies and techniques of integrated design, construction and smart operation of energy efficient sustainable healthy buildings and energy refurbishment of the existing urban building sector for the purpose of attaining sustainability, security and adaptability of urban systems to climate change and resilience to weather extremes as well as to exposures to the risks of terrorism, political extremes, uncontrolled migrations and immigrations – these will be the main topics of this year’s congress and exhibition. The thematic fields include:

  1. HVAC&R
  2. Reference areas of hydrometeorology and hydrogeology
  3. Authoritative balances of renewable energy sources (RES)
  4. New materials, multifunctional and self-healing structures
  5. RES integration in building structures
  6. Green surfaces, green roofs and façades
  7. Indoor environmental quality, including acoustics
  8. Daylight and artificial lighting optimisation
  9. Refrigeration technologies, refrigeration equipment and systems, heat pumps as RES
  10. District heating and cooling systems in urban transformations
  11. Distributed generation, supply and storage of energy
  12. Combined systems of central and distributed tri– and co-generation of energy
  13. RES and energy storage for zero CO2 settlements and cities
  14. Elevators, escalators and other mechanical systems in buildings
  15. Water supply systems, waste water and solid waste systems
  16. Access control systems and security systems
  17. Fire protection and fire suppression systems
  18. Electrical installation and ICT infrastructure of smart buildings and cities
  19. EnergyPlus buildings, smart networks and resilient zero CO2 settlements and cities 

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49th HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition
December 5–7, 2018

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